Cops VS Robbers


Cadet/Parking Enforcement - You are not allowed to kill them or keep picking on them for writing you a ticket. It has to be a real reason

Graduation - You are not allowed to shoot up a graduation, it doesn't happen in Detroit.

Shootings - You are not allowed to shoot at a police station, hospital, randomly shoot at officers or emergency personnel. You can only shoot at officers if there is a role-play scene that leads to it.

You can not shoot at officers because you just get pulled over. Also, no one is allowed to show up as backup for every traffic stop or start shooting at police from around the corner/rooftops/bridges keep it realistic.

Weapons - Using a weapon can not always be your first choice in role-play, scenes have to work up to it.

Get-Back - This can only happen if the two or more parties agree and you must put it in OOC. If you die then log it is over but you also run the risk of getting hit with Failed RP. NOTE: EMS will not pick you up

Cop Baiting - You can not go from one place to another place just to keep making police show up for no reason. Stay in one area unless the role-play takes you out of it.

Robberies - Requirements

Stores - Max 2 Criminals - Max 1 car / Max 2 Cops on scene

Small Banks - Max 3 Criminals - Max 2 cars/ Max 3 cops on scene

Big Bank & Humane - Max 5 Criminals - Max 3 cars / Max 6 cops on scene

Negotiations/Demands - You are allowed to ask for demands (2 max). An officer has the right to accept or deny given they are the highest-ranking officer on the scene or available. Officers must attempt to make contact first before any actions are taken unless their life has been threatened. You can not take a friend hostage that is failed RP. If money is what you are after the max is $50,000.

Hostage/kidnapping - You can not take someone hostage in any safe zone. There must be a minimum of 3 cops on duty in order to kidnap someone. (This does not include gang wars)

Using /th - You can only take someone hostage when using "/th" if it's from behind. You can not use it just for a quick kill.

Weapons/Cars - You can not use any revolver or shotgun in any robbery. The only exception is a police officer showing up by himself/herself with multiple people involved. You can not use the $20 mil car at any robbery scene.

Using Vehicles As Weapon - Vehicles can only be used as a weapon when someone is shooting at you while you are in it. You can not jump in a vehicle to run someone over. If you get in a vehicle during a fight you are doing so to leave the scene. However, if someone continues to shoot at you as you are leaving and they are in the same direction you are allowed to run them over.

Killing Yourself - You can not kill yourself just to avoid jail time or community service, this is failed RP.

Lethal Force - A officer can only use lethal force when a suspect has a weapon, a gun is pointed at them, shots have been fired at them, or they are being rammed in a vehicle.

In/Out Of Vehicle - A Officer can not pull someone out of their vehicle without valid role-play. A simple traffic infraction is not a valid reason.

When you get out to show ID no actions can be taken by the police or civilian because it does not always show the officer when two or more are in the vehicle so Role-play is paused until you step back in the vehicle. ( that should only take 10 seconds or less)

Complying - You only have to comply with lawful orders. If you are 100% sure an order/command unlawful you can refuse. However, it is best to comply and take legal action.

Communications - You are not allowed to talk on a phone or 2way radio when an officer tells you that they have taken your coms(phone&radio).

Failed RP - can get you 100 community service plus a $1 million fine or more. This could also turn into a ban.