Rules will be strictly enforced and are non-negotiable!

While on this server you must adhere to all of the server rules and listen to our mods/staff. Breaking any of the rules can be punishable by warning, community service, jail, 24-hour cool-off, temporary ban, or permanent ban. In some cases, you can appeal. Visit the support tab for appeals or help.

  1. You must have a working microphone.

  2. You must be able to read and comprehend all rules.

  3. You must join our discord.

  4. You must stay In-Character while on the server.

  5. You must create a character before starting to role-play, no default characters are allowed.

  6. You must not engage in metagaming, power-gaming, rdm, or vdm.

  7. Combat logging is not allowed.

  8. You can not talk when passed out.

  9. You are not allowed to take keys that are in someone's inventory.

  10. No age-play is allowed. (Permanent Ban)

  11. Sexual assault of any kind is not allowed. (Permanent Ban)

  12. Going after someone because of their sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity is not allowed

  13. Racist words no matter the race is not allowed.

  14. Spawning in objects, money, cars, etc. (Permanent Ban)

  15. You are not allowed to exploit glitches no matter how long it takes to be fixed.

  16. Always respect staff, they have the final word.


Is when a person uses the knowledge that was obtained outside of role-play or server in active role-play. Most common when someone is watching someone else stream then come in and use that information they obtained in a role-play scene. ( Location, Name, etc.)


Is the act of using an in-game mechanic, any external information, or a roleplay concept to favor your own character or story, and give yourself an unfair or unrealistic advantage.

RDM (Random Death Match)

Is when you shoot at or kill someone with very little role-play to no role-play at all. This is also common when someone keeps avenging their own death.

VDM (Vehicle Death Match)

Is when you run over or hit someone with a vehicle with very little to no role-play involved.

Combat Logging

Is when you log out of the server to avoid a scene or because you don't want to wait to respond after dying or have low health.

OOC ( Out Of Character )

Is when you go outside of role-play, breaking character, or bringing real-life in your scene.

IC ( In-character )

Is when you are playing the part of the character or persona.

In Character / In-Game Knowledge Section

Video - When streaming video can be used against you if you are a public official. The only way it will be reviewed is if you were on the job and someone other than another public official brings it up. However, you can type IC " Turns Camera Off" and nothing on your end can be reviewed from that point for that current scene.

Corruption - Being a corrupt official is allowed, but there is a catch. You can not have a criminal character, this acts as your criminal. This is in place so there isn't an unfair advantage.

Public Offical - A public official is anyone that works for the city or government. If you are inactive for 15 days without notice or charged with a felony you will be forced out of this position.

Governor - The city will have a Governor and this is an elected position chosen by the citizens of the city. Elections will be held every 28 days with a 6 election term limit. To be eligible your character must be 7 days old with a clean record. The Governor also can offer grants departments and give businesses loans. You will be in charge of the budget for the state.

FiveM/Computer Crash - The term used when this happens "I fell to sleep at the wheel". You don't have to explain what happened, but try to get back as soon as you can to finish the scene. If you are not back after a minimum of 10 minutes the other party has the right to void the active role-play scene.

Court - Court will be available for those who want to challenge tickets and arrest. Felonies are mandatory.(soon)

Bail Bonds - If you don't show up to court there will be a warrant out for your arrest, and this will also be offered to bounty hunters. You will be charged their pay.

Parking Enforcement - Parking enforcement officers will be out on patrol giving parking tickets to illegally parked cars. If your car is parked in the parking lot for a long time and you are nowhere around you will be ticketed

Driver's License - If you do it on your own it will cost you $5,000 but if you do it with an instructor at the driving school it's $3,000

Taxes - Houses, Departments, and businesses will pay taxes based on the Governor's set amount.

Lawsuits - Anyone can be sued even departments. So if you have a valid case get a lawyer. Note: you can not sue EMS in the act of doing their job.

Miranda Rights - An officer only has to read you your rights if they tell you are under arrest, before questioning if you are a suspect, or before they send you off to jail. When you are detained or being transported they do not have to.

Safe Zones - You are not allowed to kill, rob, run over, or drag anyone in/from a safe zone. You can however steal an unlocked non-emergency vehicle.

Robbing Someone - You can be robbed for anything on you except food and keys, so don't keep a lot of money/items on you. Note: that you can not rob the same person within 12hours. Looting that person can only be done if there was an active role-play started by that person again. You can not kill someone that complies.

Robbing Banks/Stores - You are allowed to rob banks and stores, but if only one cop is on wait until the other finish. Traps can be hit at any time. If there is only one cop that shows up you can only use a pistol or assault rifle nothing else. If there is two or more cops or robbers any weapon can be used. ( 1 vs 2 etc)

Robbing Traps - You can rob traps at any time no matter who's online. Trap locations are also shoot onsite zones, meaning you can shoot without talking. This is the only place this can be done.

Fearing For Your Life - If you have three or more guns on you, you must comply. two guns you are allowed to take a chance. Note: No one can force you to take off your clothing against your will.

Hospitalized - When you are "hospitalized" you can not avenge yourself or have someone else do it or return to the scene (Police as well). 15 minutes and a new role-play has to be started not just an attack on someone. Also if you are hospitalized you can not make a positive ID. Being "hospitalized" means that EMS could not revive you.

EMS/Hospital - When EMS is on DO NOT use the "Check-In" just wait as you would wait much longer in real life.

EMS Fund Donation - A player may choose to donate to the EMS fund if he/she wants the ems to leave the body and the scene. However, the ems can choose to accept or refuse it.

Passed out/Down - You can not talk once you are down, EMS needs to pick you up first. Failed RP is not a reason, that should be reported. Use "/report" in-game to report it.

Free Speech - You have the right to free speech! No one is allowed to stop you from saying whatever you want as long as you don't threaten anyone or cause a crowd to gather.

Self-defense - You have the right to defend yourself against any attack or attacker(s) without having to retreat. You are allowed to use deadly force against any individual(s) that attempts to cause great bodily harm to you.

Positive ID - In order to positively identify someone you must have a clear view of their face and or tattoos in documented areas. An officer can not use clothing as the only means of identifying a suspect that they are not in pursuit of.

Cop Baiting - You are not allowed to cause attention for cops to come to a scene to be shot at or just to start another scene in another location. You are not allowed to just purposely do something illegal right in front of them without cause.

Money/Dirty Money - Dirty money will not be replaced under any circumstance. Regular money must be on video.

Military Base - You are not allowed to enter the military base as it is unrealistic to get in so easily in real life. The only exception to this is some kind of role-play approved by the owner.

Gangs - You are allowed to start a gang after the leader has 5 days of good role-play. Once approved you can call yourself a gang for free but to be recognized as an organization it costs $10 to $30.